skip hire teesside

Skip hire Teesside

Are you looking to hire a skip in Teesside or any of it's surrounding towns or villages?

Let everything Go's give you a quote, we aim to be as cheap as the price of a skip and we'll even load your waste and take it away the same day

Call us today on 07971 341453 we can often get to you the same day to give you a free quote and remove your rubbish at the same time.

We work with both private customers and trades, to clear houses, gardens and building projects quickly and cleanly.

Skip hire versus Everything Go's

Hire a skip

  • Do you have room for a skip on your property or outside on the road?
  • Do you want a skip sat outside your property getting filled up with other people's waste?
  • Do you want to wait while the skip is collected, emptied and returned?
  • Do you really want to hump and dump all that rubbish yourself?

Call Everything Go's

  • If you have limited space we can just pull up, load up and go.
  • We collect your rubbish and remove it the same day
  • Got lot's of rubbish? No problem, we can send multiple vehicles or return and remove your waste in a number of trips.
  • Do you have sensitive, personal or toxic waste you wouldn't want sat in a skip.
  • And... did we tell you we do all the lifting and carrying!


House clearance

House Clearances

Working with private and commercial customers we provide full and part house clearances for owner occupied and rental properties.

Why would you need a house clearance company?

There are all sorts of reasons you might decide you need a house clearance company but whatever the reason and whatever the condition we can help. Everything Go's is a highly professional, family run business who are happy to help you regain control of your home.

Private home owners

Are you a hoarder? it's no joke, there is a Help for Hoarders website. If you live in one of the towns in or around Teesside then there's Everything Go's as well! We can help you regain control of your home just get in touch and we'll talk you through your options! Elderly or infirm home owners can also find themselves in need of help. Everything Go's offer a friendly and cost effective house clearance service for home owners of any age and ability.  We are fully insured and registered (with the Environment Agency), Our vehicles are clearly branded and our operators are friendly and professional. If you are looking for help for yourself or for a member of your family you can trust us. (See our testimonials page).

Commercial property companies

Are you a private landlord, property management company, estate agent or developer? we provide a highly competitive house clearance service.

  • Rental properties cleared between tenant transfers.
  • Newly purchased or auctioned properties cleared.
  • Building waste cleared from refurbished buildings.
  • Clear properties prior to sale or letting.

We can provide commercial customers with a one off clearance service or a contracted service. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Sorting a property after death

Sorting a property after the death of a friend or family member can be a long and difficult task. Family members may find it a difficult task, however it makes sense for family members to start the process identifying important family documents and keepsakes. Once this has been completed the remaining task of clearing the house of day to day objects can become even harder, full of mixed emotions each time you decide whether to keep or dispose of an object. As a family business we understand this is a difficult time and we aim to provide a house clearance service which causes the minimum of distress to the grieving family.

Gallery of house clearance work

All the images we use in the galleries are examples of our work, we label the images with town names so that visitors can see the locations we service, however we don't necessarily match the images to the towns to protect client confidentiality.

Garden waste collected, gardens cleared

Garden Clearance

Everything Go's garden clearance and garden waste collection service, loads and disposes of your waste quickly and legitimately. Just give us a call we will come to your site, give you a quote and in most cases if you're happy with the price you have been quoted, we will clear your garden waste there and then. We always need to see the job before we quote so we can give you our best possible price, which aims to be less than it would cost you to hire a skip and clear the rubbish yourself!

Garden waste

If you're an avid gardener, involved in a garden redesign or project or just have a large property, you may need help clearing an excess of garden waste. You could take it to the Household Waste Recycling Centre at Haverton Hill, but if you don't have a trailer then you might consider a skip. If this sounds like you then give us a call on 01642 897369. Everything Go's is a waste collection service that aims to be cheaper than the cost of a skip and what's even better we load and take your waste away for you.

Garden clearance

Has your garden got out of control? Whatever the condition our garden clearance service, collects and removes garden waste, rubbish or scrap.

We provide garden clearance services to:

  • Elderly or infirm home owners needing help with their gardens.
  • Have you just moved into a house or getting ready to sell a house.
  • Did the previous tenants not bother with the garden or just tip stuff there.
  • Estate agents and property management companies who need some one to provide garden maintenance.
  • Developers and property buyers renovating old or vacant properties which need gardens cleared of rubbish.

Tree or hedge cutting & trimming

Are your trees or hedges in need of a trim, is your hedge overlapping the pavement or blocking out light from your home. Our maintenance team can help you with all garden clearance work including hedge and tree cutting or removal.

Gallery of garden clearance work

All the images we use in the galleries are examples of our work, we label the images with town names so that visitors can see the locations we service, however we don't necessarily match the images to the towns to protect client confidentiality.

Confidential waste collected and disposed of in Middlesbrough

Business & Retail waste Collection

Registered, licensed & insured business waste management

Your Legal Obligations

As a business owner in England you have a 'duty of care' for the waste your business produces. Business waste is described as any disposable material produced from a commercial activity, regardless of the size of your business and whether you operate from your home or business premises.

Everything Go's provides fully registered, licensed and insured business waste management for businesses across Teesside

Middlesbrough Council no longer operates its own business waste collection service so businesses are reliant on independent waste collection companies like Everything Go's to dispose of their business waste correctly.

For our commercial customers we offer fast reliable waste clearance from your site or premises. We can provide a one off collection service or a regular daily, weekly or monthly collection service.

What type of business waste do we collect and recycle

  • Cardboard and timber Packaging
  • Demolition and construction waste
  • Glass and UPVC window units
  • Garage waste
  • Kitchen waste
  • Hazardous waste
  • Metal recycling
  • Confidential waste recycling and shredding
  • IT hardware: computers, monitors, printer cartridges



All contracts are welcome and all our jobs are priced on arrival with a free no obligation estimate, we are cheaper than current skip prices with a free loading service.

Duty of care

As a business owner on Teesside it is important you understand you have a 'duty of care' for any waste your business produces. Your responsibility starts at the point the waste is created and you remain liable  for the waste until you pass it on to a licensed waste disposal company for which you will receive a 'Duty of Care Waste Transfer Document'

What happens if I use an unlicensed waste operator?

You will be held responsible for how they dispose of your waste, and liable for any fines resulting from either fly tipping or the incorrect disposal of your waste. You can find out more about your obligations to correctly manage your business waste here at or call Everything Go's and we will make sure you comply with current regulations for waste management.

Building waste collected from site

Builders Waste Loaded & Removed

Building renovations

Disposing of builders waste is both heavy and dirty work, domestic customers are unlikely to have the type of vehicle suitable for disposing of this type of waste themselves and builders do you really want to fill your vans with rubble alongside your expensive tools and new materials?

Everything Go's builders waste removal service makes perfect sense, we have priced our service against the cost of a skip, the only other viable option for removal of this type of waste. We don't just price match the cost of a skip we aim to beat it and what's more we will load our own vehicle and dispose of any building waste in accordance with our waste license.

Builders waste loaded, removed or recycled

  • Kitchen and bathroom units
  • Bricks, timber, tiles and rubble
  • Demolition and construction waste
  • Old UPVC window units, conservatories and glass waste
  • Asbestos garage removal - see more about our asbestos removal service

Do you ever turn up to a site which is not fit to work in

A quick call to Everything Go's is your answer, whether you call us yourself or pass our number to the home owner, we can clear any waste from the site making it safer and easier for you to do your job.

And when you're finished give us a call and we can come back and clear up again, letting you get on with your next job.

We want to work with the following trades in the Teesside, North Yorkshire and Durham regions

  • Builders
  • Plumbers and heating engineers
  • Plasterers
  • Kitchen fitters
  • Double glazing
  • Painters and decorators
  • Electricians

We are a fully licensed family run business that won't let you or your customers down.

Gallery of work clearing up after trades

All the images we use in the galleries are examples of our work, we label the images with town names so that visitors can see the locations we service, however we don't necessarily match the images to the towns to protect client confidentiality.