Home & Garden Clearance

Home and garden clearance represents a large proportion of our work, with customers including home owners, renters, landloards and property maintenance companies.

There are numerous reasons we get called in to help clear waste from residential properties, but whatever the reason we always turn up and get the job done quickly and professionally.

Are you a hoarder

It's no joke, there is a Help for Hoarders website. If you live in one of the towns in or around Teesside then there's Everything Go's as well! We can help you regain control of your home just get in touch and we'll talk you through your options!

Elderly or infirm home owners

As we all get older or we suffer with various health issues, keeping on top of your home, garden or out buildings can become difficult. Before you know it, the task can soon feel too difficult to start!

Everything Go's offer a friendly and cost effective house clearance service for home owners of any age and ability.  We are fully insured and registered (with the Environment Agency), Our vehicles are clearly branded and our operators are friendly and professional. If you are looking for help for yourself or for a member of your family you can trust us. (See our testimonials page).

Clearing a home after the death of a friend or family member

Dealing with a loved ones home after their death can be a difficult task, we encourage everyone to make sure that the deceased person's possessions are carefully considered before anything is disposed of. Speak to friends and family to make important family documents and keepsakes are saved and passed on to those with sentimental attachments.  Once this has been completed the remaining task of clearing the house of day to day objects can become even harder, full of mixed emotions each time you decide whether to keep or dispose of an object. As a family business we understand this is a difficult time and we aim to provide a house clearance service which causes the minimum of distress to the grieving family.

Landlords & Business Customers

Are you a private landlord, property management company, estate agent or developer? we provide a highly competitive house clearance service.

  • Rental properties cleared between tenant transfers.
  • Newly purchased or auctioned properties cleared.
  • Clear properties prior to sale or letting.

We can provide commercial customers with a one off clearance service or a contracted service. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Garden Clearance & Green Waste

Does your back garden or yard need a make over? Are you a professional gardener who needs someone to clear green waste after you've cut trees or trimmed hedges. We can send a van to the property where you're working to pick up any garden waste as you finish your job.

Not only will we load the green waste but we're usually cheaper than the cost of a skip and you don't have to worry about anyone filling your skip or customers having to put up with an unsightly skip outside their property.

As a fully licensed waste disposal company, we can remove any waste from your property and dispose of it safe and legally.

Garages & Outbuildings Cleared

We are all guilty of hoarding things, in the hope we'll need them one day and the garage and outbuildings can easily become a dumping ground for those things we are not ready to get rid of straight away.

When you're ready to claim back all your lost space give Everything Go's a call!

We will come out to assess your job, give you a price and more often than not we can take it away there so you can start planning what you're going to do with all the new space you have!