Asbestos removal

Asbestos Removal

Everything Go's provides both asbestos removal and disposal services to domestic and commercial customers through out the Teesside region. Asbestos was used in the construction industry between the 1930s and the mid 1980s.  The most common request we get from home owners in the Teesside area is for the removal of asbestos garages and sheds which were manufactured with asbestos cement products (eg roof sheeting).

Asbestos removal and safe handling

Asbestos in good condition is a relatively stable material and experienced handlers can dismantle and dispose of asbestos without any hazard. Care is always taken to avoid drilling, cutting or sanding which could release small fibres which can be dangerous.

If you require a asbestos removal or a garage or shed dismantled we will need advanced notice so we can arrange the additional procedures required for safe handling and removal.

Further Information on asbestos can be found on the government Health & Safety Executives website: